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PNR Status
Abbreviated as PNR, Passenger Number Record is the absolute method to find out the details about everything related with train. This ten digit number is the way to get the whole details about the train. The place where you can find out the PNR Status is the Railway station. There are lots of machines installed on the railway station. You can easily available to you when you do your booking on either internet and by just getting a booking on the station only. PNR status now can be found on mobiles also. You have also the method to find it that is by going to the enquiry counter and find the PNR Status only. And the time when trains get cancelled or delayed getting PNR Status checked is very important and it keeps you updated with all the latest of developments.
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About Pnr Number

This PNR (Passenger Name Record) is usually printed on the ticket. And whenever you want to know the status about the train arrival and departure, you should check all about it through entering the PNR Status on the internet or even when you reach the station. This Passenger Number Record is apt way of finding all about the train and its arrival and departure. Today everything has become so very important to us and we are regularly being helped by Reservation system of Indian Railways has become technologically very sound and with ultimate way of getting connected to your friends.

You can take all the details from all the reliable sources.

Likewise having your PNR Status on Mobile is so consumer friendly and great to use. If you feel seeing PNR Status on Mobile, you can have the option of using it to your benefit. This is a lot easier to know. PNR Status on Mobile and check out the correct information. All that you have to do is correct the actual information about it. As the PNR Status Mobile has hundreds of things for you. Before you think of enjoying the journey, do check the PNR Status first with it. So whenever you are in oblivion that if your flight is delayed or cancelled, check the PNR Status on Mobile.

You can also check whether your flight is on the time as scheduled. When flight is delayed and you want to see the details, find it out on PNR Status on Mobile and get the information at your service. While talking about the PNR enquiry along with PNR Status is the foremost fixation which a human being gaze before getting on to the train. PNR or Passenger Name Record is provided to the traveler when the person selects the ticket for herself.

What is SMS Based PNR Number?

It is an user intiated SMS based Service to know the current PNR status.If you want to know PNR status, you can simply send a sms to 139 or 56161 from your mobile.

How to Use It ?
Send a SMS
"PNR {10-digit PNR}"

PNR 1152361387

Receiving your PNR Status is a convenient job. PNR Status enquiry is the ultimate way to have the best of expedition because PNR Status enquiry enables you with all the requisite information to you. There are numerous ways of making PNR Status enquiry and knowing it is also equally easy. You also have the power of taking the advantage of vocational skills to have the PNR status enquiry through various means and methods. Finding out more about the PNR Status enquiry is so quick and snazzy. Checking PNR Status on any mode is easy, flashy and quick to use. All that you should do is log onto the details on your desktop, laptop to know the PNR.

There are so many ways of checking the PNR Status. Checking PNR Status online is also a definitely a very easy thing to so. It is not that lengthening process. All that you got to do is entering the PNR on specific website and having it all across you. So enjoy the journey by checking the PNR Status enquiry and finding it.

What all you have to do is to go on the website and entering your PNR Number. Before you think of enjoying the flight, do check the PNR Status first with it. Before climbing onto the train, if you are in oblivion that whether your train is not moving along the time table or it is not there with time, you must verify the PNR Status enquiry. You can also find out whether your train is on the time as scheduled. To make the information more convenient and easy here is the account of how it is done.

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